The Tony Crawford - Bank of Montreal case led me on a journey to explore what is really wrong with the banking system  in Canada. There is an old saying about "follow the money."

This case helped me to understand how we do not have capitalism anymore but rather "Corporate Fascism."

From the time I met Tony and his wife to the time of publishing this
website I am convinced that they are both true Canadian heroes.

By itself  it is a truly fascinating story.  A real David vs Goliath.
It exposes all the crimes of how our banking system works.


Goldilox Tax Credit Default Swaps in Snowland 
storybook version © Anthony Crawford 2012

(Affiant rules for a credit card game that is “Contaging” in the G20 Tax Invaders Plan by Anthony Crawford)
Important message from Ron Hicks (webmaster):
This is clearly FRAUD BY THE BANK OF MONTREAL.  Check out the link, this is obviously not a loan contract.

A Private Information Affidavit of Anthony Crawford as a victim of crime
A wired weary banker’s bedtime storybook about an
affidavit-taking-debt- creating-tax-evading- moneymaking-machine.

The Great White North is a place of magic snow bunnies and financial
miracles where once upon a time…

A handsome knight Sir Charlie from Niceland went on a snofari in the Great
White North where he was almost flattened by a sled driven by a beautiful
princess in a polar bearskin coat and fluffy white hat. He fell head over
heels in love, smitten by a snowflake. Princess Snowflake had an identical
twin sister called Princess Snowball as an evil snow packed derivative
dressed to sleigh that people couldn’t tell the difference for love nor

Sir Charlie loved Princess Snowflake in love with love, but not Princess
Snowball more in love with money.

The princess took her Charlie home to meet Queen Snowdrop and King Snowcap
of the realm who were delighted with his application that came with a good
net worth statement of affairs. He pledged his troth and he gave her a big
diamond ring and the bans were read for the grand wedding of Princess
Snowflake and Sir Charlie.

The snowbirds studied and rehearsed their marriage vows with Bishop
Snowgoose at Snowbelt Abbey, and the good sir knight signed a prenuptial
contract, which is a financial instrument credit default swap asset backed
commercial paper promissory non-banknote as insurance in case of a wholly
unthinkable royal divorce.

The knight and princess went to stag and doe parties with bubbly snow
angels and lively snowmen on their last night’s single. The next day,
television pictures of a princess in a snowy gown and a snow white veil
over her face-value walked down the aisle on the arm of King Snowcap
putting her hand out for a good knight went global.

The couple put gold bands on each other’s fingers and promised worldly
goods in exchange, and Bishop Snowgoose said, “You can kiss the bride.” The
princess lifted her veil and their lips touched in a magical tender moment.
They both smiled the look of love. Everyone smiled at the vision of a snow
white princess and a well suited knight taking the last step transaction to
a sanctum to sign a marriage certificate to live happy ever after.

The bishop blessed the knight and said, “I shall be witness of you
signing.” And so he was, and the newlyweds turned to leave showered with
confetti until the princess flung her bouquet into the air full of loud
hoorays for another princess to snatch to catch another Charlie.

At the palace the princess rushed to her chambers. She put the wedding gown
on the bed where her sister lay fast asleep. The princess shook her hard
enough to wake the dead. “Get up!” she hissed, “You had way too much. It
had to be me, to be you, today!” The sleepyhead woke, and they talked and
then the beauties smiled and dressed alike and went down to a great hall to
eat and drink and be merry. People made speeches and there was dancing
until good knight Charlie took his princess away to honeymoon, and on to a
snow castle, to live happy ever after.

The next day Princess Snowball gave the bishop a secret commission of gold
sovereigns for an affidavit notarized by her lawyer called Snowleopard to
whom the bishop swore an oath for in truth he believed a Charlie was the
person of the same name signing a promise to pay a face value credit
derivative in default. Snowleopard took the affidavit to Goldilox in a Main
Street Snowbank to swap a papered note for banknotes with a picture of King
Snowcap and his signature to pay on demand that Sir Charlie didn’t know he
was entrusted in default.

Princess Snowball was rich in Sir Charlie’s credit in a shadow economy and
Goldilox said, “If you fix a Charlie horse and bet to lose in the end you
can claim tax credits to save interest.” It was a capital idea; like tax
deductable insurance for assassins to risk on peoples’ lives, or fire
insurance that wannabe pyrotechnics buy on snow sheds to torch and collect.
That’s how financial markets seem in the Wild West lawless snowfields of
the north. And so it was that Goldilox issued liar-loans to a princess for
money to wager promises behind structured investment vehicle derivatives
with tax receipts for asset backed commercial paper interest charges
claimed as expenses apparently laundered for cash through the king’s own
taxation system.

It was a dark secret of banking that made the princess rich. Even her
curmudgeon Icy Snowmaker rook accountant looked happy. He rubbed his hands
in gleeful anticipation of claiming tax credits to fuel the economic engine
that drove the
affidavit-taking-debt- creating-tax-evading- moneymaking-machine. He could
see what next in dream laws and politics for hungry bankers as Goldilox
sold frauditor poorly standard triple-aye-rated marriage securities to cold
hearted snowmakers hoping for, indeed hedging for a crunch to profit from

One day there was a huge snowfall, and without snowshoes Sir Charlie was
snowed under and stuck in a snowstorm. A queen’s guard found him in a
snowpack with Jack Frost bites from snowflakes under a snowline that with
no two alike he was obviously snowbound for divorce. Snowmaking hedgers
made off like bandits. He was disgraced as a sitting duck in stocks for
people to ridicule and pelt with snowballs outside the court.

Inside court Goldilox pressed a snowsuit with a banker’s prayer for a
summary judgment to lift money from a Charlie. A Daylight Loan evidenced by
a signature affidavit on a demand note should have been a snow walk for
debt without trial, but there was a question of forged initials on one note
and a banker filling out another in the same account that Snowleopard
acting for the Snowbank told the court didn’t exist in the quantum.
Snowboard acting as Sir Charlie’s lawyer refused to challenge perjury by
the Snowbank and he panicked and quit. Justice Snowmobile threw out
handwriting analysis with a snow shovel and a disrobed Snowboard appeared
in a courtroom script switching Sir Charlie’s Factum for a love story from
which three snow-blind judges ruled as law in Snowland, “…loan
documentation makes it clear there is no genuine issue for trial with
respect to the bank”.

It was credit event that started an avalanche of snowmen and snowwomen in
snow boots kicking seedy swaps into global snow piles with two dozen zeros
in ever bigger heaps. Prime Minister Big Snowbird of Snowland declared an
emergency snow squall tax to bail out a snow meltdown of frozen assets
called “Toxic Loans”. When Goldilox dug out trillions with a snowplow for
the king – he received a knighthood, and a nationalized Big Society Bank
gave him a mega bonus from quantitative easing offset by social engineering
cutbacks with more snow taxes paid by more in working years for less in

Sir Charlie wrote a cautionary tale dedicated to a friend and leader of the
opposition signing Petition 44 that Big Snowbird should investigate
signature-specific-identity- theft behind the scandal and regulate Snowbanks
in Snowland. But, there was a cover up, and his friend died and it never
happened. No one believed a fantasy king and queen and princesses in a
castle conspired with a bishop to defraud a middle class knight behind
working class pawns as ninety-nine percent losers bailing out the stately
one percent. The official snowdrift blamed it on subprime mortgages. The
spin might have ended thus, except that Charlie Swaps still trade as money
its wonders to perform with interest paid to holders of promises for
capitalism without capital, which is the Goldilox financial miracle for
hungry bankers doing God’s work with sworn affidavits in the Great White

Sir Charlie was lost in the affiant rules game. As if a Snowbank holding
paid writs on judgment debt over his castle until he yielded to Snowleopard
to sign Snowbank Releases and Consents for Orders to relieve alleged
criminals from a counterclaim and a claim wasn’t bad enough… the next deal
was a slick barrater creating a misconduct insurance claim alleging a
lawyer interfered with court documents to obstruct justice. It was a court
scripture with a sworn affidavit as truth of the court. There is no
defense. It required Snowmobile justice to misjoinder a snowflake to a
Charlie v Snowboard vexatious improperly served instant action contrived to
indemnify a Snowbank and its agents and every lawyer involved free from

It would have been so, except Sir Charlie saw it coming just in time to
prevent a judge answering a lawyer’s prayer to deem a Full and Final
Release deemed effective despite a Charlie and a snowflake mistook as a
Plaintiff not falling to sign it for execution. The couple was conjoined by
a judge and they both had to sign a release and consent to an Order to
dismiss a trick lawsuit, or go to jail. There was no stopping whatever next
in Snowland.

When barraters left court they battered Sir Charlie with snowballs and
taunted him, “Princess Snowflake signed a Snowboard release for the
Snowbank,” they said. He couldn’t believe it, and he still refused to sign
for his salvation. He was in the stocks one night when he flinched at a
whoosh of an incoming snowball. He expected an icy splat to sting any
moment. But it didn’t, and it wasn’t a snowball, it was a snowflake. He
thought he was dreaming. His beloved snowflake was there. She smiled. “No
two snowflakes are alike, and nothing’s what it seems in Snowland.” She
untied his feet and helped him lie down on her snow sled. She covered him
with a rug and she kissed his face in love. “A snow bunting twittered me,”
she said, “we are going to Niceland to remarry and live happy ever after.”
And so it was a beautiful princess mushed, “Hup hop” to a prize bunny and
they lollopped away leaving a mad paper trail of fake money and fake
lawsuits behind them forever.

In days they were in Niceland where they were properly married to live
happy ever after. People read about Sir Charlie and his snowflake in a
bedtime storybook snow job tax invaders plan for debt that is contaging.
Nicelanders played his card game and they took his advice to number
non-banknotes to reconcile and stop first and second wave debt in the
shadow banking game. No more capitalism without capital from tax credit
savers tricked into making credit default swaps that launder interest
charges for cash through taxation systems until mortgage derivatives fail
to rollover at taxpayers’ expense in default. No more fully exposed swaps
sold to so-called naked speculators that hedge unsecured paper to profit
from certain default as sovereign debt for yet another bailout.

Be careful of trickish notes you sign, because if you can’t see Goldilox
making sense fake money… its good knight Charlie.



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